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Re: What Ajah would you be?

First off, I have to say that this protection in no way implies weakness or inferiority! Quite the reverse! The Aes Sedai are very much in control of the partnership (they can compel the Warder, although most do not). They can channel, so they have serious 'magical' abilities. But in a battle, when there is flashing steel all around, and they are standing weaving the One Power, they benefit from having someone stop any of it from piercing them.

The White are philosophers, lovers of logic and truth. They to be very unemotional in their approach to things.

The Grey are mediators, ambassadors and experts in law.

And the Red....their purpose is to prevent another breaking of the world by hunting down men who can channel, and 'gentling' them (severing them from the Source) before they go mad from the taint on the Male half of the Source. This almost invariably kills them...slowly.
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