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Re: The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés

Hey, I had a great laugh reading those sites which are listing the all-time cliches. Ain't the web super? Thanks for those links, guys.

But I gotta say, reading all those funny cliches made me realize that this book I just read by Boris Bouquerel hasn't got a single one. Like sure ther's a kinda galactic empire and stuff, but it's really different, especially the plot. And the main caracters are so different. The hero's like nothing you've seen before, a starship singer, kinda naive but amazingly honest. The heroin is the strong one, incredibly smart (but she is beautiful, lol). The bad guy like I said is just bored, and you don't feel like hating him. The most unusual one for my money is the wise one, he's not a priest, not a wizard or anything. He's a sentient digital hermaphrodite with a cockney accent! I'm sorry i'm no good at reviews, but I sure know when I like something.

For sure, Bouquerel shows you how not to write cliches.

Gee I think I'm gonna read it again, even if it is a thick book.
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