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Re: Covenant Movie

Blue Boy are you in the 'know' on this? I'd just love to know for sure that the bloody thing is being made one way or the other and then I'd happily leave them alone to go and make it!
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Re: Covenant Movie

Originally Posted by nixie View Post
Hmm not sure about on earth are the going to potray his inner turmoil .To much will be lost in the translation.I will go and see it but will probably go away with a bitter taste in my mouth Oh well hope I'm proved wrong.
You are right. One of two things will happen with this:
1. The producer will choose a tacky, cheesy way of doing it that will subtract from the story.
2. They will ignore it and subtract from the film that way.

To be honest if you look at the length of the books, a lot will be missed out. even when you remove descirptions which will be shown, then a lot will have to be missed out or the films will be too long for a lot of people (not me, i really want to see these bad)

And by the way, I live in england and the first that i heard of these movies was tonight on this thread. I have just paid 15 to buy the second chronicles so dont say anything that will ruin it as i planned to read them over my holiday.
Oh, if they change the title then be prepared for the sotry to change a little, once the producer changes the name from the original book title, they have the right to make as many changes as possible.
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Re: Covenant Movie

Even if they botched the movie completely it would never ruin my thoughts on this wonderful story because I would still be able to recall how it effected me emotionally as I read it for the first time.

I hope someone figures out how to portray "inner turmoil" in a motion picture because there are a lot of very good stories that have that aspect to them, and god knows I'd love to see some new stories for movies instead of the re-runs that hollywood churns out.
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Re: Covenant Movie

Last I read, this was a dead issue. Nothing moving forward at the moment.
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Re: Covenant Movie

One small consolation for us fans is that MUCH of the imagery was nearly impossible to film is now doable via CGI... it depends much on the quality of the studio that handles this film. The writing is going to be challenged by the sheer volume of the series. LOTR was difficult enough for Jackson (who, I wouldn't mind if he helmed the Covenant series...) to keep as much of the story intact while cutting a lot out (Tom Bombadill for example). What really made the film click was the actors and crew all were fans of the book(s) and were willing to extend their contracts to film additional scenes to enrich the film(s).
As a mini-series this could work if given enough money and free reign.
Still the costs of this, with all the scope and characters ... it'd be an expensive monumental task.
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