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Re: Little help - dead Mobo or CPU...?

It is not power supplies I am grumbling about, but switch-mode power supplies. Somebody just brought me round a little fifteen year old console and I found and replaced the deadode (a diode which has) in minutes; longest was finding which screws gave access. SMPS are the work of the devil, and the people who decide to put double sided sticky tape so it can only be prized out direct employees. When power supplies blow up they are supposed to stop giving volts and give smoke, or at least total lack of anything.

Oh, all right, rant over. They're cheap and lightweight; I just can't mend them.
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Re: Little help - dead Mobo or CPU...?

Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
I confess I didn't check Chris and just assumed it wouldn't be there but yes I think that last definition would probably be the one.

DP - what I was referring to was the max watts the psu is rated for. You certainly would not want to put out more volts than the components expect otherwise things would get very expensive. However having a PSU that is rated at only just or even less watts than is being drawn will result in a very hot PSU and probably get expensive again!

In fairness Chris, as I'm sure you're aware in your line of work, a failed PSU doesn't necessarily mean it has been overloaded. It may just be old and tired (like me) or just some silly component that has decided to give up the ghost.
This usally happens to me. I end up saying something just to be proven wrong later on.
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