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The White Plague

Anyone read this book?

It's not really sci-fi/fan in the sense that it takes place on earth and everything that occurs is entirely possible but its got to be my favourite FH book by far/

The basic premise is that a microbiologist who's wife and children were killed in a terrorist bombing in Ireland decides that the world is a sick mad place etc and subsequently designs a virus which will kill every woman on earth. He does not hate women specifically, he just wants to entire world to feel his pain more or less, and of course to doom it in a way that it will have a generation or so to appreciate how f***ed it is.

I've never met anyone else who'd read it so I thought maybe I might find someone here and would be curious to hear your responses
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Re: The White Plague

Yes, though not for some years (decades?), and yes, I found it very powerful.

But I would say it is entirely science fiction; I can't see what element of it is non-genre, nor what essential it lacks.
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Re: The White Plague

I had read of this some time ago and do want to read it as it did seem an unusual premise for an End of the World story. I never picked it up though, but i shall try and find it.
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Re: The White Plague

I read this, like Chris, many many years ago and always meant to re-read it, but never got around to it.

I can remember really enjoying it at the time and particularly liked the ending!
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