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Introductions Introduce yourself here and be officially welcomed!

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Old 7th September 2010, 12:58 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Hello everyone

Hello! how it every one?

My name is will, im 24 and I live in Surry, England. This is the first time iv joined a forum, still working every thing out. Iv had loads of little bits of story floating around my head for years. I have spent many a day and night watching them swim past, round and round, but have never really been able to grab hold of any. Well, Recently I have discovered the best was to stop them slipping away, to Sheppard them in to one place is to write them down.
You laugh, (sometimes the most obvious answers are the hardest to see, or maybe im just stupid).

Its been a couple of months since I put pen to paper and its been awesome a true journey, iv had so much fun. Iv stumbled across my new favorite thing, which is really how I stumbled across this place..been hanging around for a few days especially the aspiring writers section and have been sucked in. Thanks for having me.
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Re: Hello everyone

Hi and welcome Brenyth, I'm not a writer myself just a humble reader, though I do take a stab at the monthly writing challenge here (you will no doubt hear much more on that front very shortly). You will find people here very helpful towards aspiring writers especially if you reciprocate that help.

So have fun and you can probably now write at least a couple of hours a off from your free time every day
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Old 7th September 2010, 06:00 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Re: Hello everyone

Hello, there, Thanks for the head up on the spam; I clobbered it. Yes, that is part of welcoming you; you're supposed to feel warm and communitised (and besides, my welcomes manage "eclectic" quite adequately.

As regards the aforementioned writing challenge, it is the Judge who is the heavyweight persuasion for that, but as I seem to have beaten her to the punch, here is the list of instructions:–

1) you go to

2) you read the selection of seventy-five word expositions included in the thread.

3) you think "What a load of ancient shoemakers. They think they're writers? I could do better than that!"

4) You write a very short idea into a file in your computer, lick your index finger and proceed to count how many words it is.

5) A hundred and thirty? How can I cut it down at all, let alone by nearly half?

6) Somewhat more than an hour later you brush up the hair you have torn out, and let it drift over the Devil's Punchbowl. Then you carefully check the spelling and punctuation – the nit pickers' league is powerful and unpardoning – and post your chef d'oeuvre on the thread. Horrors! Push the edit button fast, before it disappears, and correct the inevitable error which inevitably shows up the moment the thing is posted (as against the one that shows up two minutes after the edit function has expired.

7) Accessory penances; you can go along to the chat about the challenges (August & September) thread and own up to having joined in, or read through them all over again and try and work out how to vote for just one at the end of the month…

And people do this for pleasure?

What am I welcoming you in to?

You could try reading A Quick Tour of the Forums , where nixie has demonstrated she is capable of writing something in the 'introductions' section longer than one word, but you trapped a spammer all on your own; I suspect you'll be capable of getting lost (loster?) all on your own…
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Re: Hello everyone

Hi and welcome aboard. Be on the lookout for a very large spider obsessed with pringles.
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pixie druid
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Re: Hello everyone

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Re: Hello everyone

Dagnabit. Beaten to the 75 Word Challenge punch...

Anyhow, Welcome! Pull up a chair, make yourself at home and remember to leave written instructions so that your immediate family know when and how to feed you while you remained logged in to Chrons. Real life is over-rated anyway...
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Old 7th September 2010, 09:14 PM   #7 (permalink)
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Re: Hello everyone

Welcome, Will, thanks for being had
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Re: Hello everyone

Welcome to the best place west of the Pecos (for writers and readers, anyway!). All those ideas will soon be herded into neat, organised lines that cry out to be committed to paper. Or computer. You've started, so you'll finish...
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Re: Hello everyone

Welcome will - keep enjoying yourself here!
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Re: Hello everyone

Welcome Will!
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Re: Hello everyone

Greetings and Welcome to The Chronicles, Will
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Re: Hello everyone

Originally Posted by Boneman View Post
Welcome to the best place west of the Pecos
Whoa, there pardner! If you head west from the Pecos that's going the long way around. (Even for those of us who already are west of the Pecos.)

While exploring the Aspiring Writers section, don't forget to peek into the Workshop. People seem to enjoy doing the exercises there. Particularly that one that involves 75 words.
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Re: Hello everyone

Hello and Welcome to The Chrons!
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