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Re: Yes, I'm new

(it's idiosyncrasies btw -- had to google that one)
Ooops. Sorry about that. It was not a test to see if you were concentrating, really. I'll put it down to not being on my own computer, and a UK English keyboard, while I'm generally on a Swiss french (which is no excuse at all; the punctuation's driving me nutser (do not attempt to Google this word if it's not obvious from context), but the "c" and "s" are in the same place). But do join in; you've made a great start, and you learn more by participating than observing; here, at any rate. And it's more fun. And even if I'm not a GRRM fan, there is no shortage of those who are.

But, relative to English, written Russian (like written German) is a relatively young, thus fairly consistent language. And I have sworn a mighty oath to keep my corrections to the critiques forum, and not complain about anything less than textspeak. The --s are because I don't know how to make this keyboard produce me an m dash, and dashes, in the "do as I say, not as I do" writing set up are generally to be avoided -- you can generally find another way to seperate segments of a concept.

And if it should happen that you have difficulty following something I say, do not worry. The same can be said for a majority of those for whom English is the mother tongue. I have drifted off the linguistic mainline over the decades, and now inhabit a linguistic backwater with a population of -- very approximately -- (there you are. They separate off a lump in the middle of a sentence, just as if they were parentheses {backets}. Since I nest ideas, rather than using footnotes, they get overused) -- one.
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Re: Yes, I'm new

Okay, I'm repressing a vast amount of admiration for you English skills - learned on-line!!!!??

And, I guess you've already noticed that there are loads of threads here that will allow you to practice such skills as creating characters from a name, continuing stories that someone else begins, describing emotional states of mind or scenes, a veritable wonderland of word-games and sillinesses (which isn't really a word, so please don't be tempted to use it too often )

And ... welcome
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Re: Yes, I'm new

Greetings and Welcome to The Chronicles

You are doing very well with your English, far more than I am with my Russian which consists of one word!

I've always wanted to visit St. Petersburg, the history of it sounds very interesting.
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Re: Yes, I'm new

Hey, Interference!

I've only been to Aspiring Writers section so far (people there kept pushing every newbie to Introductions, so I went before I was told to ). The size of this forum intimidates me, and I haven't poked around yet. For as much communication as I do online, I've never been a part of a forum community. I've been told that only trolls live here

As to learning online, I love this language, and maybe that's why it's been easy. It is also a great fun, for I keep all my notes in english, and no one in my family (or friends) can peek at it.

Hey, Rosemary

St. Petersburg is a nice city, we get a lot of tourists in summer months. This summer it's been too hot to my taste though, with high humidity it is very tiring The best time to visit is early September.
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Re: Yes, I'm new

Hello and Welcome to the Chrons!
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Re: Yes, I'm new

Originally Posted by Kayleigh View Post
...I love this language....
And why not, given that it's the world's biggest box of toys?

(Which is my way of explaining some of the childish silliness - some of it mine - that you'll find as you move round the Chrons. )

Oh, I almost forgot: Welcome, Kayleigh!
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