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Terminator The Terminator, T2: Judgement Day, T3: The Rise of the Machines, and T4: Salvation.
And the Chronicles of Sarah Connor tv series.

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re: T4: Terminator Salvation (2009)

I do recommmend that fans see it because the action is awesome.

I can see your point Rodders about moving away from Cameron but I still feel that it was a lot of deja vu, I felt that they looked at the previous movies and just recreated scenes from them.

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but if you're not a fan I got the impression that you'd have little idea of what was going on.

Dave, I don't know what to think about the possibility of what you found, the whole Marcus+ Connor thing. I guess it would depend on how it was done.

I personally love the 1st two movies, not such a fan of the 3rd at all and Australia barely aired the Sarah Connor Chronicles so I do prefer the approach of ignoring them that they took. It'll be interesting what they come up with for the 5th movie.
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re: T4: Terminator Salvation (2009)

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I think that idea of having him take over the identity of John Connor would have been even better. It is a shame if they didn't have the guts to do that and went for a safer ending instead.
I agree. I thought Marcus was a fantastic character, and I found myself rooting for him more that John. Would have given some interesting twists to work in for future films.
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re: T4: Terminator Salvation (2009)

I thought Marcus was a fantastic character, and I found myself rooting for him more that John. Would have given some interesting twists to work in for future films.
I agree, but Marcus died, and the series will degenerate into mindless action.

I like the part where John was going to face a terminator, and he desperately tried to jump start Marcus' heart, so Marcus could take on the robot. Kinda funny, in a morbid sense - "hey, revive yourself, before it kills me."
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Terminator Salvation

I missed this on the big screen so I had to get in on dvd. I don't know why it got dissed for poor acting? It was an awesome movie and story and action wise it was way better than Transformers 2. I'm glad I saw it it's definitely in my top 3 best movies for this year and my top 5 for my most fave movies ever. What did you guys think?
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Re: Terminator Salvation

I'll likely have to wait a week or so, but its one of the movies that I have been waiting for. I need to complete the set.

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Re: Terminator Salvation

The terminator robot gave his heart to John Conner? And John Conner survived a metal 2x4 piercing his chest? And he drives from LA to SF in the time it takes the sun to set?

Sure, great action. But I'm personally getting a little sick and tired of brooding, breathless Christian Bale. I wish he were as good as he was in American Psycho, babbling about Huey Lewis and the News while decaptiating his latest victim.

And if McG is capable of making a film that either complies with the laws of physics or fails to resemble a music video, Ive not seen it yet. The sad thing is that is probably the best movie that hack has ever made.

I thought it was a waste of time and absolutely full of holes.
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Re: Terminator Salvation

Originally Posted by biodroid View Post
What did you guys think?
I think I was pretty harsh:
In retrospect, I'd watch it again, whereas 'Star Trek' would be dull in a second showing.
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Post Re: T4: Terminator Salvation (2009)

I only read the critics' reviews for Terminator: Salvation (not T4) after seeing it, and I must say I was surprised. I thought it was quite good, actually. Not even close to approaching the genius of T2, of course, but not nearly as deserving of the vitriol directed at it.

As for the Marcus as an interesting character, I remember reading somewhere that the original script for Salvation (not T4) was, in fact, centered around Marcus. Christian Bale convinced them to change it to more John-centric, arguing that since John Connor was the leader of the resistance and all that, the movie should concentrate on him.

Of course, the real reason he did so is probably jealousy. Couldn't stand the idea of unknown Sam Worthington getting top billing over him.
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T4: Terminator Salvation - was ok

Originally Posted by Scifi fan View Post
I just saw it, and I think it comes across as a giant video game - there're no surprises, and the plot was fairly predictable.

I felt the same about it, the film had a good look to it, but it was too predicable and became dull to me. I really didn't see any point to make this film other than satisfy "high action" fans and video gamers. The plot is always the same, either the human race tries to stop Skynet, or Skynet tries to stop the humans, with each side trying to get ahead of the other by using time. The only thing that seems to interest me currently, is the fact that we're all living in the past and the future is happening now.
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Re: T4: Terminator Salvation (2009)

So, i finally got around to seeing this last week and i have to say that i enjoyed it. Sam Worthington was superb in my opinion, but Christian Bale was horribly miscast. The problem is, the Terminator series was all about the Paradox. Without that, it just seems to be missing something.

It seems a little odd that a machine mind that has taken over the world can keep getting beaton. I'd like to see a darker Terminator where the machines give Connor a bloody nose.
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