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Re: Books similar to Hobb's Style?

I second the Empire trilogy and David Gemmell, although IMO Empire is probably closer to Hobb's style. I think because of their collaboration, Empire became rather unique and a completely different animal from anything else either Wurts or Feist wrote on their own (and yes, it's much better than Riftwar). Only problem is there are only three books .

But, if you really want the full dose of anti-heroism, Hobbs' Soldier Son Trilogy is your best bet. I almost got clinically depressed reading it, and will never make it to book 3. Or you can always go for Stephen Donaldson. Any of his series would do (Thomas Covenant, GAP series, Mordant's Need). Donaldson's worlds don't have heroes, only anti-heroes.

- Dreir -
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Re: Books similar to Hobb's Style?

Yeah I am reading the second Empire book and the last Soldier son book right now. I don't let myself get depressed by books any more...although I did stop reading the Donaldson books after the 4th one because I found them so depressing. I was a teenager then and teenagers tend to already be depressed so I found it hard to read...I am planning on doing a reread of the Covenant books so I can finish them.

I like breaking up the emotionally tough books with some lighter ones like Feist or Eddings. I would also suggest reading Brandon Sanderson...very good books.
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Re: Books similar to Hobb's Style?

If you want good books to read, there are two authors i must suggest.

Brandon Sanderson, and George R R Martin (who has his own subforum here i think)

Both of them are amazing in characterization and plot. Brandon Sanderson has written 5 books that i know of, and George R R Martin has written 4.

Brandon Sanderson first. He has written a trilogy and two stand alone novels. The main reason i love his books is that he is very imaginative. As you know, most books set in fantasy worlds have thier own forms of magic. Indeed, i like Robin Hobbs books alot because of thier interesting magic systems. The Skill + Wit are both pretty different to anything i have seen before.

Brandon Sanderson is very good in that area too, with more then 3 different kinds of magics being juggled around in his trilogy, and both of his stand-alone novels and unique magic systems. Also, if you like the 'assassin' theme, and good fights, you will enjoy his books, because in them i have found some of the most detailed fight scenes i have ever found. (Have you ever noticed that in most books, the fight scenes very quickly degenerate into vague descriptions, leaving you with no real sense of the fight at all. Not so with Brandon Sanderson, in his books, you can imagine every move in your head, because he describes them all.) And of course, alot of jumping and sneaking around in the darkness.

His trilogy is called the Mistborn trilogy, and his stand alone books are called Warbreaker and Elantris. Mistborn is easily the best, but Warbreaker is suprisingly good, with a very solid plot, considering how short it is (around 500-600 pages, i think) Elantris is very good, but not as good as the other two. Yet for his first ever published novel, it was very good.

And then, of course, George R R Martin.

Im sorry all, and while Robin Hobb is among my three favorate authors, no author is as good as GRRM.

No other author has ever given me such a sense of connection to his/her characters, or ever made such a good, realistic world as he. His world really feels like a world to you, and his characters are so great.

He is in the middle of a series called A Song of Ice and Fire, a 7 book long epic series. He is near the end of the fifth book now. The books go - 'A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords (In Britian, is it split into two books, A Storm of Swords, Steel and Snow, and A Storm of Swords, Blood and Gold) and A Feast for Crows. His next book, A Dance with Dragons, has no official release date yet, but is near completion, and the name of the sixth book, The Winds of Winter, has been announced.

Check them out

You wont be dissapointed
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Re: Books similar to Hobb's Style?

I would suggest Roger Zelazny's 'Chronicles of Amber' starting with Nine Princes in Amber.

Really really good book, has political intrigue, fight for the throne, self-discovery etc and is told in first person, like Hobb.
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new novel robin hobb

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