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Old 20th May 2009, 07:43 AM   #46 (permalink)
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Re: Which George RR Martin character are you?

You are Bran Stark.
You have big dreams in life, and you get frustrated with those who think you are unable to achieve them. You love to explore and wish for more adventure in your life. You are generally introverted when it comes to interacting with others, though you have you have been known to have a few rather crazy outbursts. You love animals and feel connected to them. You have psychic tendencies and you know far more about life, and the world, than you let on. You are adventurous, perceptive, and resolute.
You also similar to Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark. Your polar opposite is Asha Greyjoy.
Besides the psychic bit, this is fairly accurate. I just don't like the character these traits are assigned to.
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Re: Which George RR Martin character are you?

MEH...I only ever wanted to be Tyrion. I ca so relate to that dude....
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Re: Which George RR Martin character are you?

It claims I am Sansa. Which isn't really right.
"You are romantic, courteous, and composed." Seriously?

Romantic? I said that I'd cheat if the possibility was there. What gives? Courteous? I am a horible cynic and foulmouth. Composed? I have quite the horrible temper at times. Weird shiiiiz.
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Old 7th June 2009, 07:20 PM   #49 (permalink)
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Re: Which George RR Martin character are you?

You are Eddard Stark.

Also known as Ned, you are a pillar of morality in a corrupt world. No matter what kind of people or situations you encounter, your sense of honor remains as strong as it can possibly be. You are rather introverted, but you are deeply caring person when it comes to your family and friends. You are forthright and often disgusted by people who are sneaky, deceitful and manipulative. You are serious, reserved, and righteous.
Not quite sure i agree with all of this! Although being deeply caring is nice i guess.....but i'd rather care a little less and keep my head on my shoulders
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Re: Which George RR Martin character are you?

You are Catelyn Stark.
You are a quiet, family-oriented person, and a great representation of the Tully house words: family, duty, and honor. You can be brave when the situation requires it, though you are a constant worrier. You are protective (sometimes over-protective) of your loved ones and you have a strong moral compass. However, you are not particularly forgiving. You are willing to take action against anyone who betrays you, your family, or your friends. You are steadfast, loving, and dutiful.
You are also similar to Eddard Stark and Samwell Tarly. Your polar opposite is Jaime Lannister.

Grrrrr. Hate that this damn thing can be so accurate. Jaime is completely my polar opposite. The rest of that rubbish is pretty spot on too.
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