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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

Originally Posted by goofy9er View Post
some of the books people have mentioned sound interesting. but what i want to know is are any of these newer. books set in the 50's and stuff like that just don't appeal to me.

But for some of us, those are among the best decades to go looking for sf.
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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

This is a very good thread. Got some great recommends from it. I have read a few post-apocalypse books. I was wondering why they are so popular. There's an interesting comment early on in "The Day of the Triffids":
""My way of life, my plans, ambitions, every expectation I had had, they were all wiped out at a stroke [...] And, curiously, what I found that I did feel - with a consciousness that it was against what I ought to be feeling - was release ..."

There's something very ... liberating about the end of civilization as we know it .
Also, I vote for "The Furies" by Keith Roberts.

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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

The Judas Syndrome: Find it on Amazon as a kindle or paperback. It is new in the last year and is a trilogy with the third coming out end of this year.
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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

This is a very cool short story from's set in the year 13,000,085AD!
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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

Am reading A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller. This is good stuff - St. Francis has just left on his pilgrimage to New Rome with the holy relic blueprints and meets a bandit in the mountains....
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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

I saw that someone mentioned Wolf and Iron by Gordon R. Dickson, there is another which falls near this category--post alien conquest of Earth (reminiscent of Hubbard's Battlefield Earth)--called The Way of the Pilgrim.

Another semi-apocalyptic story--actually post-Soviet takeover of America--written in 1971 by "Oliver Lange" called Vandenberg. It is a very interesting character study of a man living rough in the southwestern US with his mentally handicapped son, mainly trying to stay under the radar. It is a survivalist tale and a grim vision of what might have been.

In many ways, it is similar to The Road. Definitely one of those love-hate books. I'm not much for grim tales, but the book grabbed me and forced me to continue reading. Vandenberg (the man) isn't your classic hero, just a man desperately trying to survive outside of society and having the added burden of his retarded son.
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Re: Good Post Apocalyptic Books Wanted

Earth Abides by George R Stewart. It's a wonderful, sad and powerful read. One of the finest books ive ever read.
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