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Old 11th May 2007, 09:05 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Finishing Games

Just out of curiosity I thought I'd post a question, do you tend to finish games? Do you finish games even if they start to be less enjoyable, just to have completed it or is it only games that are still holding your attention?

Are there particular games/ genres of games that you finish or not?

Ok thats a few questions but you see where I'm going here.

Personally I am absolutely shocking for not finishing games and always have been. I always finish a book I've started, with very very few exceptions over the years but despite having spent alot of time playing games I'm actually really bad at finishing them.

One of the big reasons for this I play alot of rpg's and am a particular fan of any sort of group/squad based rpg... unfortunately I'm also a touch complusive when it comes to restarting to create that perfect character/team.

I did complete FF7 although thats probably an exception. I've loved the Black Isle games, Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 and particularly Ice Wind Dale 2 (which IMO is easily the best but again some of thats just that by creating the whole team, something I did anyway, I wasnt missing any storyline elements) but I havent completed any of them.

Baldur's Gate I think I got close to it and IWD2 I must have been 2/3 of the way through but I'd lose interest stop for awhile and then decide I could make a better team and restart it.

Knights of the Old Republic, great game and Im on my 5th planet but again I've started so many characters that game-time wise I probably could be on my 3rd playthrough .

Halo I had to really force myself to play through and finish and I'm not even close with Halo2 but then Ive never been a big FPS fan.

I used to play a MUD many years ago and the friend who got me onto it, started a new character soon after I joined, he became god-like while I was still saying if I go with this race and that class add this skill, yeah that would be fun.

Half-Life, Morrowind, Buffy: Chaos Bleeds, Shenmue 2 the list just goes on and on.

So what about everyone else? compulsive finisher/non-finisher, hit and miss....
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Old 11th May 2007, 01:37 PM   #2 (permalink)
Shiny! Let's be bad guys.
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Re: Finishing Games

I usually finish RPGs several times over, I've been through Baldur's Gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal so many times I know them backwards, and I've finished KOTOR and KOTOR2 many many times. Also I find that mods will add a lot to a game, you can pick out the ones that will enhance your enjoyment and leave the less interesting ones, making your gameplay unique.
I tend not to finish strategy games as often, sometimes the higher missions just get too complex for my enjoyment.
Most of the time If I'm not going to finish a game I will have put it aside after a week or 2. Once past that point I have finished any game I've played.
Even Quake3, which took me bloody ages on nightmare
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Old 11th May 2007, 02:41 PM   #3 (permalink)
Silly Person
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Re: Finishing Games

I'm relatively new to gaming and didn't play one single computer game until I met my boyfriend a bit more than two years ago, but I do seem to be good at not finishing games. I have quite a few lying around, which I want to give a second try or which I think seem very good, but want to try more later.

The only game I've finished so far is Dreamfall, The Longest Journey.

Then again: we'll move house soon and then we'll probably be without internet for a while. This might motivate me to play my offline games more.
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Old 14th May 2007, 07:55 PM   #4 (permalink)
i hate working
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Re: Finishing Games

i dunno i finish most of my games but sometimes i get bored and it just gets gay i didnt finish ff x cuzz i couldent beat a boss and gave up
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Old 14th May 2007, 11:17 PM   #5 (permalink)
Stalker Of Shadows
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Re: Finishing Games

I finish games very little. They have to be very easy or relatively short. However, I love the sense of accomplishement you get when you finish a game: I recently finished Sid Mier's Pirates, wich I found very good.
I can't finish RPGs in a short time: if I get into an RPG, it has to have a lot of content, like Oblivion, and I never finish long games or games that I don't like.
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Old 15th May 2007, 12:19 AM   #6 (permalink)
Lady of Autumn
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Re: Finishing Games

I guess I'm a bit of a completist when it comes to RPGs. I like to finish them several times, seeing each new bit of story or unlocking every last detail. The best example of this would be the Suikoden series. In order to get the best ending and most complete story, you need to find all 108 characters. It certainly takes time, though. That's why I don't have a very big games collection at the moment.
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Old 15th May 2007, 01:13 PM   #7 (permalink)
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Re: Finishing Games

I have had real problems finishing games recently.

It's maybe because I have too many of them unfinished and they are starting to pile up. I have about 6 games (mostly adventure games) installed on the PC in various states of completion and more than one 360 game that i've hardly played (Oblivion, Rainbow 6 vegas etc)

I really need to concentrate on one at at time and stop buying new ones until i've finished them.

I just get bored too easily at the moment.
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Old 15th May 2007, 04:39 PM   #8 (permalink)
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Re: Finishing Games

I am notorious for not finishing games. I have over 100 games sat on a shelf and only about 1/5th of them have been completed.

It used to be that I would buy new games and forget what I was playing but now it tends to be that I wil just stop playing after a few days of solid play and never pick them up again.
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Old 14th July 2007, 02:53 AM   #9 (permalink)
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Re: Finishing Games

I tend to finish short games like Civ IV and Unreal Tournament 2004. The big RPGs I tend to play often, but I restart with new characters so that I seldom finish.
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Old 15th July 2007, 08:13 AM   #10 (permalink)
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Re: Finishing Games

When I was a bit younger I rarely finished games. Now that I'm older and have less time, I like to make sure I get value out of what I buy. The last game I finished was Hitman: Contracts.
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Old 16th July 2007, 10:42 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Re: Finishing Games

It depends on the type of game for me.
RPGs tend to get played through many times. i couldn't say how many times i completed Baldur's Gate 2... tho i only finished BG 1 once... I like games where the character is powerful! not some struggling pipsqueak.
KotOR and KotOR II i've played through many times as well... tho II more than I, mostly as the Exile is more powerful to play as than Revan.
Morrowind... never finished - never enjoyed it actually... seemed so pointless. Oblivion, i finished all the faction quests, but the main quest bored me so never finished it either. Daggerfall i got close to finishing MANY times, but it gets really hard at the end and would get trapped in a huge end dungeon every time...
RTS games i rarely complete, or complete more than once...
Freeform games like the Sims, Civilization, and the like, tho... having no real ending (Civ ends, but the games take so long it seems like it doesn't and as every game is different it makes it fresh) appeal to me too.
Overall i tend to finish most games... but its the amount of immersion that determines whether i do or not.
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Old 16th July 2007, 01:24 PM   #12 (permalink)
I am, the scallywag
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Re: Finishing Games

Even Quake3, which took me bloody ages on nightmare
Tell me about it. I had actually the most trouble with phobos.
I mean how can we defeat a nightmare bot with only slow weapons like rocket launcher and plasma gun. Finally ended it by finding a track through the level that had my health and armor at 100/180 in the worst case.

Ah quake III, should play it once more.
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Old 16th July 2007, 01:46 PM   #13 (permalink)
Shiny! Let's be bad guys.
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Re: Finishing Games

I found the level with orb, minx, and sarge I think it was, very difficult. Also Anarki until i just camped him. Xaero was the hardest though, he kept railing me in the foot when i couldnt see him!
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Old 16th July 2007, 02:07 PM   #14 (permalink)
I am, the scallywag
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Re: Finishing Games

minx-sarge-orb (can't remember, the minx&orb level is just using grenade launcher in the narrow corridors) In most levels I relied on railgun/shotgun though. Xaero, well you have a hear what he is up to and jump behind the cubes. You should kill him as much as he kills you and with the squashing mechanism, you'll win.
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Old 16th July 2007, 03:11 PM   #15 (permalink)
Spy with looks and guts
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Re: Finishing Games

Hmmm... there's like two games I have ever finished... Inicidentally, there are both the only games that I own... They have been Sacred and Neverwinter Nights. Tough I'm nearly through Sacred Underworld, but it's just way too hard (or my char just isn't made for it... though I'd real love to finish it... unfortunately I always die after little progress without having saved... *sobs*).
I also have chars at various stages in NWN-SoU and HotU, but they're being ignored in favour of a NWN server (where I'm quite successful... so almost no regrets for not finishing the NWN addons).

I've also borrowed several RPGs from my boyfriend's collection. Like BG2 (never got beyond Atkatla), IWD 1 and 2 (never really got far beyond char creation) and Morrowind (fascinating game, my second honest try, but not captivating enough). I've also played a bit of Oblivion on my bf's computer, but it was even less captivating than Morrowind (actually, it prompted me to try my hand again at Morrowind...).

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