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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
In Aliens 57 years have elapsed since Ripley left LV 426. During this time something like 200 terra-former colonists settled there, made it there home, yet never noticed or were disturbed by the 'alien eggs' in the derelict spaceship.

Within days of Ripley being returned to civilisation, or a waking state, the signal from LV 426 cuts out. Why?

It can only mean one thing. The alien intelligence has been waiting for Ripley, and that somehow they know she is ready again. They want her.

Why? Did they find that only her DNA is somehow compatible with theirs? Is it Ripley herself that they want, or is it simply vengeance?

They capture all the colonists bar one. Why did they leave Newt? Were the aliens careless? If they wanted to, they must have been able to kill a small girl too. Yet they leave one person who will arouse a maternal instinct in Ripley, bait in a special trap for Ripley.

in Alien3 the alien kills Newt and Hicks, but saves Ripley to become the alien queen's mother -- why not pick Newt? Isn't Newt younger and stronger?
Because Ripley is stronger, sexier, and utterly hotter than any of them. She has a fully matured womb. And really nice, tight, adorable, lovely.....................................curls!

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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

It had nothing to do with Ripley. In the extended version, you see newt's parents find the same spaceship that the crew of the Nostromo found. They also found the Alien eggs, which open upon proximity to a living being. One of Newt's parents gets facehugged and that's that.

Ripley being found just in time for this is either fate, or pretty much the only way to give people a movie they'd want to watch
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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

even if they hadn't recovered ripley, the colonist would have eventually found the aliens on their own! Ripley being found just expedited their horrific demise
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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

I just think its 50s Hollywoodism with a twist. You know-scary monster chases pretty woman who needs rescuing. Only in this case the pretty woman fights back!
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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

Eeeerr, it was because Bourke believed Ripley & asked the Station to investigate a Grid-ref. It's there in the film.
One would assume that the person or persons that led the Nostromo to invest' LV426 in the first palce told no-one and were dead or retired before they could send a second team there!.
..oh, and the "Alien-Host" Space ship's warning message battery wore out before the colonists got there!..(or the Robot turned it off on Co' orders when the Nost' left!)
So Ripley was the Catalyst but it was fate, not the Aliens lust for revenge, that brought them in contact withthe Colony! (She only wasted ONE Alien in the 1st film!)
Simple really!

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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

I don't think that the Aliens want Ripley at all. I doubt that they'll even know that she exists. She's a plot device for that i central to the stories. Aliens would have been a rubbish film if Ripley woke up 57 years later, but missed all the action.

That said, i remember reading the old Aliens Dark Horse comic where the alien gets to and infests earth. I'd LOVE to see that as a film.
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Re: Why do the aliens want Ripley?

Why do the aliens want Ripley?
Cherchez la femme
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