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Re: Hopeless really =/

The book would have been written before 2006 (When I graduated) but it's hard to say much more than that. I know its not much to go on, I'm still searching for it but maybe someone might stumble across this and have their memory jogged.

The book focused on this team of kids, I remember that they were always going out and doing missions. I'm grasping at old memories here, but like I said I think they had special powers.

I do remember that there was a young male character who was very well muscled and strong, but the book made a reference to the fact that he was unable to... perform. He had a subtle relationship going on with a female character, but that's where my memory runs out.

For future references, I plan on writting down the name, author, and my opinion of every book I read for the rest of my life
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