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Re: Titles

Tell me about it.

I'm writing a whole TV series, so not only did i need to come up with a title for the series, and a title for the season (like Babylon 5 did, it had to make sense for EVERY episode), I then had to come up with a title for each one of the individual episodes.

Some of them just jumped out at me, and some are taken from lines of prophecy that permeate the series (but i took the decision to only name 'impact' episodes from the prophecies, otherwise i would have used them as a backup plan for every episode, and the impact of using them when they are important would have been lost.)

Some of them have just been nigh on impossible though. For example, the 12th episode currently has the title 'Eye Of The Storm', which makes sense but I'm not happy with, and has previously been called 'The Calm Before The Storm', 'Moments Of Epiphany' (that one sucked), and was still called 'Episode XII' long after the rest of the series had names.

The best advice is just to call it something for a while as you carry on working on it, see if it sticks, and if it does you've got a new title. If it seems 'wrong' two weeks later, change it.

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