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Re: The Old Gods convert one more! Possible spoilers!!

Originally Posted by Needle View Post
Hi juleska was wondering where you got off to!

Thanks for the congrats. I can breathe for a while now!

Miss Elise is indeed one of the lucky ones, when it comes to AGOT it is Nurse Needle she wants!, but she has a daughter and her bestest grandson who visit every few days. So many of my residents have no one or worse someone who gets their elders checks sent to them and I end having to buy them socks when i discover they don't wear any because they don't have any. It is very rewarding but as you said very difficult. I have lost 4 in the last 3 weeks, I intend to hang in there as long as I can though!

Miss Elise is doing better with AFFC than I thought she would with all the new characters. I think she is a little infatuated with Victarion!
And thank the Old GOds and the new that ROy is reading to her.

Jule, welcome back
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