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Re: The Old Gods convert one more! Possible spoilers!!

Originally Posted by juleska View Post
Okay I know I've not chimed in for a long time here, but just came back and read all of this thread and wanted to say a few things:

1) CONGRATULATIONS, NEEDLE!!!!! WOO-HOO! Might I add that with your new title of RN, your screenname has a new layer of irony!

2) Miss Elise, I love her. And I could've used Needle, RN after reading about the Red Wedding for the first time, too!

3) If the Red Wedding distressed her so much and made her as angry with GRRM (over Arya) as it made me, I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. I spent pretty much all of AFFC utterly and completely furious with Mr. Martin. He's redeeming himself regarding Arya.....somewhat. But I'm watching you, George! *shakes fist*

4) Working for an elderly care home is probably one of the toughest, most heart-wrenching jobs in the world. My husband worked for a time for a company that delivered oxygen tanks to homebound elderly. Most of his customers were people forgotten by their family and his weekly visit was the only steady human contact they had. He had to leave that job after a year because the strain of becoming close to them, realizing how lonely and isolated they felt, and subsequently losing was all too much for him to bear emotionally. My hat's off to you, m'lady. I firmly believe what you do is a calling.

5) Hi! I missed you guys!
Hi juleska was wondering where you got off to!

Thanks for the congrats. I can breathe for a while now!

Miss Elise is indeed one of the lucky ones, when it comes to AGOT it is Nurse Needle she wants!, but she has a daughter and her bestest grandson who visit every few days. So many of my residents have no one or worse someone who gets their elders checks sent to them and I end having to buy them socks when i discover they don't wear any because they don't have any. It is very rewarding but as you said very difficult. I have lost 4 in the last 3 weeks, I intend to hang in there as long as I can though!

Miss Elise is doing better with AFFC than I thought she would with all the new characters. I think she is a little infatuated with Victarion!
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