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Re: Published authors and percentage income

I've been thinking about the self publishing thing a lot more today, and I think that all authors would be wise to hedge their bets. Two things could happen:

There's a chance that self publishing might end up becoming so swamped that people will steer away from anything produced that way, as they'll find that so much of it is rubbish that they'd rather buy traditional books, to be assured of quality.


Commercial authors will find their sales dropping, their royalties and advances doing likewise, as readers turn to cheaper self published novels. You could pay 5 for a book on Amazon and be assured that it will be good, or you could pay 5 for 5 best-selling Kindle books and equally end up with 5 good books.

In reality, I think the the two will happily co-exist, such as the way PlayStations and Xboxes co-exist with iPhone and Android games. However, the economy is worth considering right now, and in the short term I think people will learn towards cheaper self-published books.

I intend to do both, myself. I'm planning a trilogy of three fantasy books that I'll sub out to agents once I'm done, but am also writing another book that I'm planning on just selling on Kindle.

That's just my thinking on the matter, which might* be wrong.

(* - probably is)

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