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Re: Anyone read any Fredric Brown?

Mm. I don't get Lovecraft or Bradbury at all. I've read Martians Go Home, What Mad Universe, and at least a couple of collections (The Best of, Nightmares and Geezenstacks) before superseding them with his complete short fiction (From These Ashes, but I haven't read it yet). Martians is a pretty decent kind of satirical take on a Martian invasion and What Mad Universe is a brilliant, surreal, wild ride I can't even describe. It nominally riffs on fandom in, again, a satirical way, but so transcends that that it becomes something else - genuinely freaky in places along with sometimes being funny. The stories - well, they are often very short, often very funny, often very satirical, too, but of some variety, too. Everything from the best shortest story ever, probably, in "Knock", to the basis of a great Star Trek episode with the great "Arena" to an extremely whimsical and enjoyable story about Mitkey Astromouse in "The Star Mouse". Given the number and range of his stories, perhaps something in his writing his Lovecraftish or Bradburyish, though - just can't think of anything.

Either way, I'd recommend him and I hope you enjoy what you got.
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