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Re: The BBC Apologise For Jeremy Clarkson...

Normally I take what Jeremy says with a pinch of salt. Most of it is designed to wind people up. This time,though , I think he's gone too far. i wasn't on strike but most of my work colleagues were (different unions) and I can't see how him suggesting they should be executed in front of their families is a joke. Obviously he didn't mean it literally but it was still pretty insulting. Hopefully the next time he ends up in A/E after a Lamborghini crash, or his ego gets caught in a revolving door, the staff will point out that if they had been executed, he would have just died.

Originally Posted by Moonbat View Post
Personally I am not in favour of the strike, it seems to me that they are essentially striking because the government broke a promise, well that has got to be a first, a government breaking a promise, who ever heard of such a thing.
But if everyone took this attitude, the government could do whatever they liked. Just because governments lie all the time, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be challenged.
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