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Re: John F Kennedy Warning!

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
He is speaking about Communism. It is the middle of the Cold War.

"I was born in Iowa, I just work in outer space." J T Kirk.
You can relate what JFK says to today.

1. Controled media (censorship)

2. There are many secret organizations that are thriving.

3. In warfare, we prefer to attack at night, using the cover of darkness

4. The government withholds information and tells us next to nothing, except that we're the best and our enemies are evil. (Untill other country's news media witnesses what we do, or Wikileaks displays what has been recorded by our own cameras)

5. We covet vast human and material resources

6. We've combined the military, economics, scientific research and political operations together. (It's preparations are concealed, and not published)

7. Huge mistakes the government makes are buried and not headlined (unless it's leaked by someone) No one wants to take the blame, so they always point the finger at someone else.

8. Every President that came after JFK feared public scrutiny

9. There are no open discussions about what is going on, we are only told what will be done.

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