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Introductions Introduce yourself here and be officially welcomed!

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Re: All about us.

Hi all who signed on after me...glad to see all.
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Re: All about us.

Name: Simon
age: 20
Location: Bedfordshire, England
Hobbies: Reading and writing, illusion magic, cultural cricism, activism
Interests: History, politics, philosophy, maths problems
website: N/A
LJ/blog: Unable to post links
Likes: Tea, ale, whiskey, Indian food, PKD, New Wave SF, grittier Fantasy, Flash Fiction
dislikes: Relativism, Tolkein-clones, David Cameron, mass-market lager, willful ignorance, capitalism
Other notes: An optimistic cynic who takes pride in causing controversy. Direct, emotionally aloof but really rather sensitive underneath.
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Re: All about us.

Wow I've just spent a whole morning reading all your posts. Some of you, I dare say, are pretty crazy but this has got to be the best forum I've been to.
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Can I be a cactus?
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Re: All about us.

Originally Posted by Sephrene View Post
Wow I've just spent a whole morning reading all your posts. Some of you, I dare say, are pretty crazy but this has got to be the best forum I've been to.

You have NOOOO ideaaaa....

Stop by the Asylum for some tea and chat if you're not scared of a dog-sized spider and miniature white ice dragon. They're harmless, even friendly.
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Re: All about us.

Name: Kei
age: 27
Location: Distrito Federal, Mexico
Hobbies: writing/playing/performing music, writing, reading, learning, mmorpgs, blogging, traveling
Interests: music, literature, science (physics, biology, neuro), anime, movies (production as well as entertainment value)
We Are At Critical Mass - Home

Kei Is For Kinetic
Likes: anti-heroes/villains, talented/intelligent people, good food, hygiene, consistency, science
Dislikes: stupidity, religious zealots, rudeness (unless it is extremely clever in execution), bad food, smelly dirty places and people (sadly Mexico has many of these), being sick or bored, hospitals
Other notes:
I'm a lipstick lesbian, and married. I'm also an atheist, but I collect religious texts because they're interesting and pretty.

My family is insanely multicultural; my mother is of German/Irish/Cherokee descent, and my biological father was Mexican. My adoptive father is Japanese 100%, and I have Lebanese, Indian, Mexican, Norwegian, and African American in-laws. Thanksgiving food is awesome.

I've been to every continent, and lived in Ireland as well as Mexico and the US. I still need friends to practice Spanish with, because I still sound like a five year old.

I have Crohn's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis- in other words, my immune system is trying to kill me. Wee.
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Re: All about us.

Name: Claudiu, Claus, Cy, Cyber, Slave...pick your fancy
Age: 21
Location: Bucuresti, Romania...hate the town, I'm from another part of the country, more beautiful, more civilized, with less crazy people
Interests: literature, technology (engineer in the making here), robots, fantasy writing, critical thoughts, music, computer games, photography (I've actually reached an acceptable level before my Canon broke...I'll have it replaced by next summer), films, the British English language, the gaming industry as a whole
Likes: fantasy and sci-fi literature, games, driving, mountains, writing, having a deadline tomorrow and just starting the project this evening
Dislikes: having to listen to self important jerks who I'd rather strangle than be nice to, not having anything to do with my hands, not being able to travel at my own leisure (that's why I never take public transportation but drive may cost me more and take longer, but it's my own pace)

Other note:
This is my entire introduction post. I tried to make a new topic but it would just end up in an error sooooo...May as well post it somewhere since it's in the copy paste buffer:

Well, hello there.
I've found this forum whilst searching for some tips on writing and possibly some place where I could post some creative writing, sort of speaking in a way. I won't lie, my main reason for being here is to receive feedback on what I write since this seems like the first place where that could be possible...I hope.
Otherwise...I've seen some sections for some writers that I enjoy reading so I may really be posting there as well since I've been quite the avid reader in the past months. To my shame, I've had a few years hiatus in which my reading had been little (5-6 books a year) but that's changed now thanks to some British bloke that's done wonders for me.

I really suck at introductions so pardon please my bad manners at this thing. My name is Claudiu, I hail from Romania. Glad to have found this place and I hope to become an integral part of the community here. I've yet to read around much...but I will.
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Call me "Val"
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Valerie J. Long - may I introduce myself?

Originally Posted by CyBeR View Post
This is my entire introduction post. I tried to make a new topic but it would just end up in an error
Ah okay, so I'm not the only one.

Dear all,
may I introduce myself? My (pen) name is Valerie J. Long, and I am a writer of erotic science fiction/fantasy action thrillers.

I came here to find a place to share thoughts with like-minded people.

About myself
I was born in Germany in the sixties of the last century. I am working as an IT Project Manager for an international company, and I live in Wiesbaden. I’ve chosen a pen name for two reasons. First I know my real name is too difficult to pronounce for most of the world. Second—as an IT person I know about the dangers of too much internet exposure. As a writer, I need a lot of exposure, and the pen name will retain a little privacy for me.
I read a lot. My bookshelves are overloaded with surely more than 2’000 books, mostly fantasy and science fiction. Among my favorites are J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert Heinlein, Alan Dean Foster and David Weber, only to mention a few. You bet I’ve grown up with Captain Kirk and Luke Skywalker, but I’ve also digested “Barbarella” and “Logan’s run”…
I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, I like Alien, Sin City or Kill Bill, but I also enjoy watching Notting Hill.
I also travel a lot. If you read my stories and think—oops, she must know that place well—maybe you’re right, I’ve been there before.

About my writing
Some stories I’ve written during school don’t count. My student works won’t help. So basically my history as a writer starts with my history as a fantasy role playing game master. Writing fantasy stories for role playing is a very good training for story plotting—players will inevitably spot any hole in your story logic.
I’ve written some very short shorts—some not more than one or two pages—until one day I joined a story contest in a German online community. Result was the beginning of “Lioness’ Heart” (in German, of course). It was a big success, but it quickly became clear that the story could not simply end with a murder. It had to continue.
One chapter a day the story grew. I’m in the fifth year now, and I’m still posting one chapter each day to my small demanding online community. Meanwhile I’m two books and about two thirds of a year ahead of my readers, and my ideas cover one more book that I yet have to write. My readers also demanded a printed version of my stories, and they got it.
I had to make a decision then—try to find a publisher and let my readers wait, or do it all by myself as an independent (self) publisher. I chose the latter, unaware of the fact that some people might call it “vanity press”. Remember—demand came first, not the desire to see my name on a book.
A fellow author led me to eXtasy books. So I translated my first book and submitted it. It was accepted immediately, moreover it was accepted as the first book of a series. This is a 100% success rate!

About Wiesbaden, Germany
Wiesbaden is located about 20 km west of Frankfurt where the rivers Rhine and Main meet, at the east end of the Rheingau wine region, known for its famous Riesling. It is a spa, known for its hot springs, and an American garrison—soldiers go from here to Afghanistan with their helicopters. The city has 276.742 inhabitants [2008]. It is the birthplace of tennis player John McEnroe. And now it will become famous as the place where my books were written

Enough for now.
If you have any other questions, go ahead!
Cheers, Valerie
(or just Val, as my friends call me)

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Re: All about us.

Name: Jonathan
Location:North Caroline
Hobbies:Reading,movies,working on computers,surfing the net
Interests:Middle earth,Music,Hunternoel my girlfriend
website:N/A apart from here
Likes: Oldies, Fantasy anything, Hanging with friends, visiting home
dislikes:Rudeness, Jerks, Ignorant people, People who think they know everything
Other notes: I graduated high school in May 2009 and left for Marine Corps boot camp in July, I survived boot camp and am currently at my first duty station which is Camp Lejeune NC. I love being a Marine and the pride that I have for my corps is immense.

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Re: All about us.

Well done Jonathan.

By way of introduction:

Name: Jim
Age: 48
Occupation: Recently retired USArmy intelligence officer.
Location: Seattle area.
Personal: Never married, no children as far as I know.
Interests: Backpacking, hunting, fishing. Track and Field, American football. Reading SF, Fantasy, Biography, History, spy novels, murder books. Draw and paint a bit (fairly), play some guitar (poorly), write (very poorly).
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Re: All about us.

Name - Niall (pronounced kneel)
Age - 47
Location - south London
Hobbies - reading, a lot
Interests - reading (see above),crosswords,soduku,wargames
Likes - SF&F, classical philosophy, cooking, cold weather, Joss Whedon
Dislikes - fools, hypocrites, hot weather & "reality" TV
Other - I haven't had a computer for 20 years and in that time I went online only once, when I was stuck in a Tomb Raider game - I was standing on the trapdoor I was trying to open . I didn't think I was missing much, how wrong can you be. I'm now spending 4 or 5 hours an evening online, it's great finding so many people with similar interests.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup
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Re: All about us.

Name: Classified
Age: Classified
Location: Classified
Hobbies: Pokiphlanon, Programming, Procrastination, other.
Interests: Computer Games, History, Science, Politics, Pokiphlanon, Realistic Sci-fi.
Website: Pokiphlanon
Likes: Pokiphlanon, Civ 4, Age of Empires 3, Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, My Computer, Martial Arts, Libralism
Dislikes: Depressing Books, Depressing Movies, Tea Party, Ultra-Conservatives, War, Fundamentalists
Other notes:
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Re: All about us.

Seems a little odd to be introducing myself as I've only just started posting here...but I've been looking for an active friendly fantasy/sci fi forum and this looks like a good one so...

Name: Claire
Age: old enough not to worry about it any more
Location: London
Hobbies: Reading, writing, Italian, wandering about the city.
Interests: Foreign affairs (ex-diplomat), news.
TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood.
Music: Classical, jazz, some folk and country, rock; officially still play viola (and a bit of piano).
Favourite Movies: Too many! Breakfast at Tiffanies, Harry Potter, Kick Ass, True Romance, Fargo, and The Nightmare Before Christmas all currently come to mind.
Favourite Authors: Far too many.
Likes: Reading; Lapsang Souchang; charbonnel & walker rose & violet creams; aniseed balls; Sunday supplements; Wikipedia; London; pale ales; BBC website; Edna St Vincent Millay's poetry; late nights and later mornings; department stores; scented baths; radio 4; Rome; reading in bed; 24 hr cafes; Mitsouko; crisp Autumn mornings; gelato; St James' Park; strong americanos made dirty, black and no sugar; wasting time in bookshops; Christmas; wittering on; peace and quiet; My husband.
Dislikes: Me when I procrastinate from writing; cleaning out the cats' litter tray (two, ex-feral kittens, now big comfy lap cats); poor punctuation (so shoot me); parents of badly behaved children; mornings; going into the office every day; people who witter on about Italy; nodding politely as people witter on; housework; cooking; sport; my husband when he has committed an offence against domesticity.
Other notes: Need to kick myself upside the ass on a regular basis to get words onto the page. Should also get on and finish the Classics MA (rather than sitting on my butt admiring the PG Cert) and do some piano scales. I do get out, some.

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Re: All about us.

Name: Jennifer

guess again.

Bolton, UK

writing, reading, vinyl record collecting, sailing, model making.

science, transport & technology

TV Shows:
Frasier, A-Team, Allo allo, Doctor Who (classic era - it ends with Sylvester McCoy and Russell Davies would have been well advised to watch 'The invasion', 'The Ribos operation', 'Two Doctors' and 'Rememberence of the Dalaks' back to back before attempting to write DW scripts.)

There are no genres, just good and bad. I like the good stuff and are underwhelemed by stuff that is bad.

Favourite Movies:
Bladerunner, Aliens (not the director's cut but the original release), Event Horizon, Ghost Ship, Good the bad and the ugly, Watchmen and Toy Story 2.

Favourite Authors:
Hal Clement, Philip K. Dick, Enid Blyton, Richard Matheson, Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur Ransome, Terry Pratchett, Weedon Grossmith, George Elliot and Peter Singer.

Radio 2, fast cars, model trains, lingerie, tailored femminine skirt suits, vinyl records, reading, writing, boats, a place for everything and everything in its place, corsetry and burlesque.

Radio 1, queue jumpers, people who hog the middle lane on motorways, shaky camerawork on programmes because some idiot decided it looked 'cool', rude people, adverts for ambulance chasers on TV, adverts for 'sell your stolen gold/phone/DVD', people who don't use coasters, clutter, mess, dirt, me.

Other notes: I repair old boats, and actually find this slightly more theraputic than sailing them. Currently I own Bosun 3 which is one of 16 prototypes for the Bosun sailing dinghy as used by the Royal Navy from 1963 until recently.

I am a former radio DJ who still prefers to buy new records on vinyl and refuse to deal with download music. I also collect old basques (lingerie) and have, at last count, around 40 of them mostly from Gossard.

I write magazine articles, and have built a fully working model railway for the purposes of a particular article. It appeared in print this year. I have a rejection letter for five different manuscripts from almost every UK agent in the Writers and Artists yearbook, and as many again who aren't.
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Re: All about us.

Well hear goes.

Name: Brian
age: 22
Location: California, USA
Hobbies: Reading, movies, anything to do with computers including developing websites and software, and writing short stories.
Interests: Physics, Chemistry, Biological Physics, science fiction, fantasy, writing.
website: N/A
LJ/blog: N/A
Likes: Pretty much any kind of food plus my hobbies.
dislikes: People in authority and neeldes.
Other notes: When I'm in a social situation I don't ever really talk much. Instead I mostly just listen.

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Waiting in the Sky
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Re: All about us.

Age: 19
Location: Cornwall
Hobbies: Writing (both script and stories), filming, reading.
Interests: Reading, writing, film making and music.
Website: OnceWasARose?s Music Profile ? Users at
Likes: Ancient History, genetics, evolution, mythology, Science Fiction, Historic Fiction and Parallel world theory.
Dislikes: Most people.
Favourite Quote: 'If they give you ruled paper, write the other way' - Juan Ramon Jimenez
Favourite Music: Karine Polwart, Electric Light Orchestra, Damh the Bard, Cascada, Greg Edmonson, Goldfrapp, Kate Rusby, Heather Dale, Faun, Devin Townsend Project, Solas, Ayreon, Alan Parsons Project.
Other Notes: I like to think I'm a thoughtful person who cares deeply for those worth caring for. I've been hurt many times, and do not trust easily. But once I've got that trust I will be a loud, witty life and soul type of person.
I'm a atheist who doesn't really like or care much for Religion, however I have no fight with those that do believe in whatever they'd like to believe in. I prefer people who trust in something they believe in and will stick by instead of those who blindly follow something 'because they've been told to'.
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