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Re: revisions in omnibus volumes: how drastic?

Oh hell. I had a coupon for 50% off any item at Half Price Books and I used it to get a hardcover Elric: the Stealer of Souls from the collectibles shelf. By the time I had it home I knew I had to have the other White Wolf books. So that's gonna suck. My own fault. I passed them up 10 years ago and here's where I pay the piper.

But I'm not waiting 'til I have all the omnibuses to start this insane project. "The Compleat Moorcock" began today with the first half of The War Hound and the World's Pain. Tomorrow I'll see if there's a thread dedicated to it or to Von Bek in general.

I'll be working from this list, found via this thread (thanks, J.D.!), except that I don't plan to read all the non-E.C. stuff in a big lump at the end, as listed, but scattered throughout.

Wish me luck!
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