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Stargate SG-1 Season 2 Forum for the discussion of Season 2 episodes. Use spoiler warnings if you\'re going to reference episodes from future seasons.

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(Wahey: I get to "debate" with a moderator...)

"SPOILER: series 3
In "A Hundred Days" Teal'c is amazed that the gate engages despite the direct hit. Sam explains that the naquadah in the soil must have melted and solidified ABOBE the event horizon. This suggests that if it had solidified within the EH the gate would not have engaged at all... In "New Ground" the whole point of the cold-dialling programme is to try previously undialable gates... I understand this to be ones that don't engage at all, rather than engage but the probe doesn't return signals from (which would mean somethign like an iris was in use).
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I have to admit this wasn't one of my favourite eps. I actually didn't like it much except for a few moments. Apophis' host coming too & all. I did find it interesting though to learn that Goaulds, not only Tok'ra can still feel love. When Apophis was obviously in pain he was calling out Amanetts name...of course he could have been doing that to tick off Danny somemore before he croked! What bugged me was he kept calling for a host, a new host give me a host...but I though that Janet said or implied that the snake was to badly damaged to servive even with one...what about Jolanar, she had no problems jumping hosts & hiding out but didn't in the end while she & Sam lay dieing on the table.
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Doesn't look like theres been a review on this episode for some time.

I like this episode, I don't usually like the episodes where they dont go off-world as much as the episodes where they do, however this episode has changed that, it was great to see Apophis in his weakest moment and it was good to hear from the host.
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