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Stargate SG-1 Season 3 Forum for the discussion of Season 3 episodes. Use spoiler warnings if you\'re going to reference episodes from future seasons.

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Old 24th July 2002, 02:16 PM   #16 (permalink)
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OK, this episode lost me. What happened and what didn't?
Besides the confusion, it was emotional at the end when Sha're says goodbye to Daniel. Still, it's always funny how Teal'c always carries a staff at the wrong time when a zat would've been better.
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Old 26th June 2003, 01:20 PM   #17 (permalink)
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What I gathered from this episode is that from the post-credit sequence untill we go bavk to the tent, it's all in Daniel's head. A sort of odd "mind perspective" thing where from a certain perspective in your own mind a long time can pass, whereas in realtime only seconds do. Dreams are like this. Sometimes a dream can last 30 seconds and the events can take hours, sometimes a dream can last minutes and the events last seconds. Thus the title:" Forever in a Day. Great concept, this ep. The delivery is good, but not great though. And Teal'c prolly picked up a staff weapon becuase they are better battle weapons. One shot, one kill as a pose to having to hit your target twice.
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Old 13th August 2003, 06:25 AM   #18 (permalink)
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Originally posted by Martouf
Oh, good assumption!
Maybe they sent people through to hit the iris in morse code?
Originally posted by SGPflughaupt
LOL....and I though MY long distance calls were costing me
I am laughing so hard I can't breathe. Even years later, you guys are a riot

And, BTW, doesn't the "human morse code" seem like something the Tok'ra would do? Prompting one of their "greater good" speaches in defense...
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Old 6th October 2003, 05:53 PM   #19 (permalink)
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I am rather confused?

If, as stated, in your original message, one can not discuss this episode (or, it would seem any other) in any details and-- such as offering, perhaps, differing opinions on how the characters behaved in the show -- then what is the point of even posting about each episode?

And if other users of the board who are not considered Full Members -- can never start a new thread, as I was just reminded (after accidently doing so) then why would anybody want to come here at all?

Like Teal'c I would choice to follow those who seek Freedom....

So...enjoy your Thread.....

enjoy your Site.....

See ya all arund the Stargate Universe.....
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Hi Goob'r55,

You may have misunderstood the messages somewhere. Padders thread starting message is suggesting that each specific episode be discussed in the "x.yy name" thread topic already assigned for each one. Its to minimise the number of threads and keep the server tidy etc. There are no restrictions on starting new threads: my badly explained point was that an episode specific thread already existed, and so didn't need creating all new by you.

The site encourages discussions (preferably that stick to topic, minimise un-labelled spoilage etc.) by members and non-members.
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