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Re: If you could ask JK Rowling anything

Not sure if she's been asked any of these before:

If, having reached later books, there's one (or more) things in earlier books she wishes she'd added, not included, or written differently in hindsight? I assume there's several, so which was the most awkward to work round?

Are there any sub-plots she's cut during editing she wishes had survived to the final print? And vice-versa?

At what point did she realise the effect she was having on children's reading habits?

Does she regret the over-hype that her books have caused?

Is she concerned about the environmental impact of her over-hyped launches (especially 5-7) and the hundreds of thousands of copies which will be read once or twice then binned/etc.?

Which is her favourite personal in-joke?

Which scene in the series most closely resembles one from her own life?

If she'd been at Hogwarts, which of the named characters would she most have been like?
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